Today, data and analytics span virtually all segments of our world.  Information and the methods to analyze it enable our decisions to be grounded in evidence and afford us confidence when presenting solutions across a variety of fields.  The Institute of Data and Analytics engages in these scientific and technological challenges to positively impact science, industry, and society. 


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Marillyn A. Hewson
data analytics lab

The Marillyn A. Hewson Data Analytics Lab is a state-of-the-art data science and premier research facility that provides a collaborative workspace to devise processes for data – from storage and management to analytics and insights.


Interdisciplinary teams pursue sponsored research and produce applied and methodological analytic-based scientific publications.


The IDA serves as a hub for connecting academic researchers to industries with data and analytic challenges.


Experiential learning, research opportunities, and the annual Business Analytic Symposium provide enhanced involvement for data science activities

data repository

The Research Archive for Data Analysis and Reporting (RADAR) system aggregates disparate data sources from multiple sources into a centralized repository that allows for integrated queries across the varying data sources:

  • Public datasets

  • Sensitive government data

  • Private purchased data

  • Researcher-cultivated data

ida spotlight

Business Intelligence Academy Initiative

Learn more about the Business Intelligence Academy from initiative director Jef Naidoo and some of his students.

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