institute initiatives

Learn more about the initiatives the Institute of Data and Analytics are supporting.


University of Alabama students and faculty join together to assist organizations in creating effective and robust cybersecurity infrastructure.

heatlh informatics

Our team utilizes analytic techniques and software to provide research, service, and support to numerous health organizations with a focus on improving health outcomes.

human trafficking

depress and hopeless woman standing the dark at corridor

as the human trafficking issue grows more complex, we aid law enforcement in identifying novel techniques used in ad grouping and produce research to better combat the epidemic.


helping hands

the Underserved Populations Workgroup for Analytics Research and Development (UPWARD) initiative aims to address humanitarian and nonprofit organizations’ issues by developing analytical tools and processes to better serve those in need.

business intelligence academy

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The Business intelligence (BI) Academy provides university of Alabama students with the transferable skills to succeed in industry and aids the university’s larger research community to articulate insights through effective data visualization techniques.