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The Culverhouse Business Analytics Symposium presented by the Institute of Data and Analytics, and the Culverhouse College of Business brings data and analytics to the forefront. Hear from industry experts, and network with hundreds of other data-driven individuals.

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2023 Symposium Speakers

Presentation Topic: Generative AI: Digital Disruption or Digital Distraction?

Abstract: Since the advent of ChatGPT and the rapid acceleration of Large Language Models, Generative AI is at the peak of its hype cycle. Among the tech experts there are AI optimists and AI pessimists. There are those who are excited about the potential for creation of new business models, new ways of doing things and unlock further human productivity and creativity. But there are others who worry about the disruption and the displacement of the workforce, and the ethical and moral implications. This talk will focus on unpacking Generative AI, the potential, the risks and what are the essential building blocks that an organization will need to get right as the embark on a Generative AI journey. 

Bio: Krishna is the VP & Head of Digital Data and Analytics (Chief data and analytics officer and head of digital strategy) at Zoetis, the world’s leading animal health company. He is accountable for

  • Digital products and services  
  • Analytics and data science 
  • Intelligent Automation
  • Data strategy, data governance and data platforms
  • Digital innovation partnerships and collaborations
  • Digital upskilling and internal digital innovation acceleration

At Zoetis, Krishna leads a global enterprise-wide team of 100+ employees and 200+ partner staff to deliver data, analytic and digital solutions across the biopharma value chain. He leads the company wide digital upskilling effort called Digital Fluency and co-chairs the enterprise risk management focus on data, analytics, and AI along with the Chief Information Security Officer and Head of Privacy.

Krishna is also an adjunct faculty at Carnegie Mellon University where he partnered with the Heinz college to design a Chief Data Officer Certificate program (CdataO) and teaches data, digital and analytics strategies to executive audience in the public and private sectors. Krishna is also an Adjunct faculty at Rutgers business school where he is designing a digital strategy module for C-Suite training programs.

Krishna is a noted speaker and thought leader in digital data and analytics and has been featured in CDO forums, podcasts, and books. His ideas have been highlighted in several books including “Trust: The winning formula for digital leaders”, “The Transformation Myth: Leading Your Organization through Uncertain Times” and “Fail Fast, Learn Faster: Lessons in Data-Driven Leadership in an Age of Disruption, Big Data, and AI”.

He received the 2023 AI100 award from AIM research and recognized as one of the top 100 AI and analytics influencers in the US. His work at Zoetis was featured in a Forbes article in May 2023: Forbes article on Zoetis data and analytic journey

Prior to joining Zoetis, Krishna was the chief data officer and head of digital strategy at Bristol Myers Squibb. Before BMS he spent 15+ years in management consulting across PWC, IBM, Accenture and TCS.


Presentation Topic: Open Source Analysis

Abstract: I will discuss the importance of open source information, how we gather it, and how our analysts use it to derive insights that improve senior decisionmakers’ understanding of events around the world.

Bio: Ryan M. McKeon serves as the Director of the Office of Analytics within the Department’s Bureau of Global Public Affairs, responsible for providing timely, accurate, and actionable insights that enable senior national leadership to make informed decisions on topics of critical foreign policy and national security interest.

As a senior professional with more than 18 years of experience in government and the private sector, Mr. McKeon previously served in a variety of management, strategy, operations, and business process reengineering roles, including 6 years as a consultant and small business owner managing program design and operations for sensitive exploitation programs.  Mr. McKeon previously served as an advisor for the U.S. Air Force and began his career as a Military Legislative Assistant on Capitol Hill.

Mr. McKeon holds a Bachelor of Arts in Military History and Political Science from Temple University in Philadelphia, a Master of Arts in Political Management and U.S. Defense Policy from The George Washington University in Washington, D.C., a Certificate in National Security Studies from National Defense University in Washington, D.C., and is a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Air Command and Staff College at Maxwell Air Force Base.

Presentation Title: Harness the Power of Measurement and Analytics to Drive Profits

Abstract: Complex problems, siloed departments, and lots of data make it difficult to make the right decisions. This is why Google and its customers embrace the power of measurement and analytics.

By adopting a test-and-learn mindset and applying sophisticated AI-driven measurement methodologies, marketing becomes smarter and can be a profit driver.

In this talk, Janneke will give an overview of how measurement and analytics is leveraged in the Global Business Organization at Google and at its top advertising customers. She will also share examples of how Google’s customers have used measurement and analytics to improve their marketing performance.

Bio: Janneke van Geuns is Head of Measurement & Analytics at Google. She is leading a team of analysts who influence business decisions and prove impact for Google’s large U.S. Financial Services advertisers. Her team consults and partners on projects such as experimentation, incrementality, data integration and CLV models. She has been at Google for 9+ years in different analytical roles. Before joining Google, Janneke was a director of strategic analytics at creative advertising agency FCB. Originally from The Netherlands, she moved to the United States 15 years ago to get her M.Sc in integrated marketing communications at Northwestern University where she specialized in marketing analytics.

Presentation Title: TBA

Abstract: TBA

Bio: Charles is an experienced data leader with long history of improving executive level decision-making and driving business outcomes. In two decades in the telecommunications industry, Charles led enterprise system migrations, software development, and data analytics initiatives. Across varied projects he was recognized for his innovative ability to employ a systems thinking approach which allowed him to consistently deliver on the needs of both front-end users and back-end data consumers via technical approaches that were easy to build, scale and maintain.  

More recently Charles has joined the financial services industry at City Bank, where he is putting his experience to use in upgrading the status of data at the bank. His goal is to develop a modern data architecture to deliver advanced analytic services which will benefit the enterprise and customers alike.  His creative blend of data management, advanced analytics, decision science, and systems engineering solves the big question, “How do we use data to empower decisions that move faster and act boldly?”

Presentation Title: Delivering Artificial Intelligence at Lockheed Martin

Abstract: Building AI solutions is hard. At Lockheed Martin, we are staying ahead of ready by applying artificial intelligence technologies and platforms to succeed in our customers’ mission. The Lockheed Martin Artificial Intelligence Center (LAIC) is setting the standard by being both the center of excellence and foundation for AI across the enterprise. The LAIC is providing the AI infrastructure, upskilling, and custom solutions that accelerate core competencies that are both inward and outward facing.

Bio: Lance Roth manages an internal AI Consulting team tasked with building and deploying solutions that solve internal customers’ needs.

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