The Certain Business Case for Analytics during Uncertain Times

Pandemic, inflation, recession, a war in Europe. The oft-repeated phrase “unprecedented times” might be a bit dramatic, but without a doubt, we are living in a time of high uncertainty. As business leaders, it’s our job to navigate our organizations through these tumultuous waters safely and preferably while improving their position in the marketplace. Nevertheless, how are we to plot a course without a map? And, what good is a map if it is out-of-date, which happens with increasing regularity due to the previously mentioned macro events? That’s where modern analytics composed of analysts, data scientists, and engineers come in. To help lift the fog, to mark where there is danger, and to provide the intelligence needed to plot a course to a safe harbor and greater profitability.

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Cameron Jagoe

CEO & Founder



The CEO, and Founder of ProcureVue™, is based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Cameron has spent his career developing solutions for complex problems utilizing modern advancements in technology. Starting with an idea designed to support a small family bakery in 2012, it has grown into a world-class, AI and machine-driven, value delivery system that is unmatched in the industry. Following Cameron’s graduation in mathematics at the University of North Carolina Charlotte, he joined Newell Brands. While there he was a founding member of a center of excellence for data analytics and helped develop tools and processes that were able to deliver $500MM+ in realized benefit. After leaving Newell Brands, Cameron received his M.Sc. in Operations Management – Decision Analytics from Alabama. He then transitioned into advanced AI R&D in the banking sector for a number of years before returning to his first love of supply chain and operational improvement. After more than a decade of development, Cameron founded ProcureVue in 2020 as a new hybrid supply chain consulting breed. Intending to reimagine how procurement executives deliver value to organizations, he introduced a proprietary software that helps provide value in a fraction of the time and resources of traditional methods.

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