Building the Intelligent Supply Chain

Future-ready supply chains are intelligent, self-driving networks of growth. They’re built on a foundation of digital, data and AI to provide the visibility, agility and new ways of working needed to create 360° value, enterprise-wide. Companies expect their supply chains to deliver more—to be responsive to demand and resilient to change, to optimize costs and do good for society. To achieve all this, supply chain leaders must reimagine their supply chains for tomorrow. In this session we will talk about how Accenture has used advanced analytics to drive more intelligence into supply chain decisioning, and how we have addressed challenges in getting the data ready to power this intelligence.

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Ryan Anderson

Data-led Transformation Leader



Ryan is a Managing Director in Accenture’s Applied Intelligence practice responsible for architecting and directing large data-led transformation programs. He is currently Accenture’s global data-led transformation lead for the Consumer and Packaged Goods (CPG) industry and is a frequent speaker on how organizations can prepare for large transformations that impact talent, technology, operating models, and business processes.

Dr. Rubina Ohanian

Managing Director, Data Transformation Leader



Dr. Rubina Ohanian is a Managing Director with Accenture’s Applied Intelligence out of Atlanta. She manages the data science & ML/AI organization for the US South and leads a team of highly talented data scientists with deep technical skills who solve challenging and hard data and analytics problems. Dr. Ohanian is a passionate and experienced data transformation expert who specializes in advanced analytics solution development and deployment. She has substantial experience working with executives and their complex global organizations to define data driven strategies, deliver growth, innovation, and business value. Dr. Ohanian has over 35 publications in industry and scientific journals and is a frequent speaker at domestic and international conferences for Diversity in Data Science & Technology, Digital Transformation, and Cultivating a Data Culture.

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