The Research Archive for Data Analysis and Reporting (RADAR) system aggregates disparate data sources from multiple sources into a centralized repository that allows for integrated queries across the varying data sources:

  • Public datasets
  • Sensitive government data
  • Private purchased data
  • Researcher-cultivated data

How It Works

RADAR breaks down the barriers of data acquisition, loading/translation and secure storage to allow researchers a way to easily examine research questions against the curated data. By lowering these barriers, researchers are able to focus on their research topics instead of the often arduous processes surrounding the data.

RADAR is segmented by data type and access rights to ensure the appropriate measures are in place that governs the data. By default, researchers only have access to public data sources, such as census data. As researchers are trained on the sensitive data and sign agreements for access, they are given additional roles in accordance with the owning entity’s requirements.