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Browse a listing of individuals involved with the Institute of Data and Analytics.

Jason Parton headshot
Dr. Jason Parton
Director of the IDA
Bidgood 201A
Matthew Hudnall headshot
Dr. Matthew Hudnall
Deputy Director
Bidgood 231B
Dwight Lewis headshot
Dr. Dwight Lewis
Associate Director
Bidgood 227
Dr. Gregory Bott
Assistant Director/Initiative Director
Cyber Analytics/Cyber Clinic
Alston 356
Irem Sengol Orgut headshot
Dr. Irem Sengul Orgut
Assistant Director/Initiative Director
Alston 353
nickolas freeman headshot
Dr. Nickolas Freeman
Assistant Director/Initiative Director
Human Trafficking
Bidgood 237
thomas english headshot
Dr. Thomas English
Assistant Director/Initiative Director
Healthcare Informatics
Bidgood 234
Jef Naidoo headshot
Dr. Jef Naidoo
Assistant Director/Initiative Director
Business Intelligence Academy
Bidgood 229
Courtney Hanson headshot
Courtney Hanson
Managing Director
Bidgood 235
Andrew Watson headshot
Andrew Watson
Director of Data Operations
Bidgood 231C
Xin Wang headshot
Dr. Xin (Thomas) Yang
Director of Analytic Consulting & Scholarship
Bidgood 252
Andrew Parrish
Research Analyst
Bidgood 250
Yana Melnykov headshot
Dr. Yana Melnykov
Senior Statistician
Alston 354
Trent Gooden headshot
Trent Gooden
Director of Application Development
Bidgood 231A
alaina peoples headshot
Alaina Peoples
Accountant II
Bidgood 201J
Carolyn Powell headshot
Dr. Carolyn Powell
Grant and Contract Specialist
Bidgood 201B
Kaylon Steadham headshot
Kaylon Steadham
Program Assistant
Bidgood 201
Dr. Yuhui Yao
Faculty Affiliate
Bidgood 250C
marilyn whitman headshot
Dr. Marilyn Whitman
Faculty Affiliate
Alston 149
Dr. Subha Chakraborti
Faculty Affiliate
Alston 345
Dr. Mesut Yavuz
Faculty Affiliate
Alston 342
Dr. Peter Brummund
Faculty Affiliate
Alston 253
Dr. Xuwen Zhu
Faculty Affiliate
Alston 368
Dr. Ransome Eke
Faculty Affiliate
Russell 105
Dr. Abbey Gregg
Faculty Affiliate
1127 North East Medical Building
Dr. Burcu Keskin
Faculty Affiliate
Alston 355
Dr. Sebastian Forkmann
Faculty Affiliate
Alston 161
Dr. Douglas Bish
Faculty Affiliate
Dr. Ebru Bish
Faculty Affiliate
Alston 349
Dr. Erik Johnson
Faculty Affiliate
Alston 267